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Payroll Management Software

Payroll and HR management software is an extreme software solution that help companies to smoothly handle their HR, Payroll and Accounts departments by prompt and accurate salary processing, Loans and Advances handling, effective handling of Reimbursements, efficient management of PF, ESIC challans and TDS which are legal requirements of Government of India, taxes and deductions management, year-end documentation and much more. It offers an effective management solution for large, medium and small companies. The software simplifies daily management processes so that the time will save for other more lucrative work.

Errors can’t be controlled in a manual data processing and so that work is increased instead of decreasing even if a single error occurs like if employees attendance and leaves get mismatched then salary issue generates i.e. employees can get less or more salary. Also manual data processing is time consuming and is susceptible to error probability. Therefore a powerful software system is must in a company to automate the work flow with zero percent error chances.

Our payroll and HR Management software is specially designed to tackle all facets of your HR, Payroll and Accounts processing. It is easy to use, functionally rich, scalable and user friendly software which enables you to run your business professionally. As it is a fully functioned computerized program therefore it is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime on any device. Few best services of our software are: secure login to accounting and payroll department, accurate salary calculation and pay slips management, statutory compliance such as PF, PT, ESI and TDS reports management, consolidate reports of accounting and payroll expenses.

Advantages Of Payroll And HR Management Software

  • »Highly Scalable & Configurable : It is highly configurable and can be smoothly integrated with the the the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), salary calculation or pay-slips, deductions, taxes applied and leave, attendance.
  • »Streamline Compliance Actions : It Considers taxation rules according to your country in which it is implemented. It works as per the government laws and shows employee investment declaration for tax benefits and deducts tax details according to that.
  • »All In One Software : HR and payroll management software processes numerous works at a time like it manages accounting reports and payroll expenses, wage reports, salary calculation and pay slips, leave and attendance management.
Payroll Management Software in India

Some of the great features

Improves the Efficiency of Your Workflows

Boosts Your Employee’s Productivity and Motivation

Ensures the Security of Your Data

Dynamic Leaves, Working Hour Setting

Customized Dynamic Reports

Lower Employee Costs

Biometric Attendance